General Safety Information


Tips For Staying Safe In A Warehouse

These helpful tips will keep you and your employees safe:

  • Always wear protective clothing including hard hats, gloves, vests, masks, belts, eyewear and proper footwear.

  • All areas should be kept clean and free of debris.

  • Treat aisles the same way you would a busy street. Look both ways and always stay alert when crossing or going around corners.

  • Never attempt to operate any machinery without the proper training.

  • When unpacking materials, immediately dispose of any debris that could cause slips and falls.

  • Empty trash cans before they fill all the way up.

  • Be careful when lifting heavy objects on your own. Use tools that can help instead.

  • Inspect ladders before each use.

  • Do not sit on or lean against stacked material.

  • Know the weight restrictions for all storage racks and lifting mechanisms.

  • Avoid wearing baggy or excessively loose-fitting clothing.

  • Always stack heavier objects on the bottom of piles with lighter objects on top.

  • Make sure emergency exits are clearly marked and you know the quickest route to safety from any location in the facility.

  • Know where first-aid kits and supplies are kept.

  • Immediately report any potential safety hazards to supervisors.